BEC on the Asian Attraction Show in Singapore

BEC AAE 2017 SIngapore

BEC has worked alongside Kuka Robotics and Holovis to transform Kuka’s existing two-person KukaCoaster system into a four-person capacity mechatronic immersive and interactive solution ready for launch later in 2017.  On the Asian Attraction Expo we launched the new seat system and the robotic VR experience at Asian Attractions Expo, booth 2038 (KUKA Robotics GmbH)


System Overview

Based on the proven KUKA robot technology BEC has designed a brand new seat system, boosting up the capacity to three passengers on a six axis robot and four passengers on a four axis robot. The modular seat system eliminates welded structures and parts. This allows a straightforward certification of the ride and makes part inspections and maintenance easy and comfortable. The seat design leaves room for creative modifications and additions like customized coating, controls for interactive rides and HMD integration.

BEC modular seat system

Modular seat system

The BEC seat system consists of catsed seat shells, that allow to get assembled in the combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 seats. This guarantees consistent highest quality of the components independent from the system configuration.

BEC rides 3 seater system
BEC rides 4 seater system

4-seat system

Based on the KUKA KR 700 passenger robot we offer a 4 axis robotic ride for maximum passenger throughput with the BEC 4-seater system.

3-seat system

The BEC 3-seater ride offers highest motion capability with 6 degrees of freedom. The ride can be used for fixed ride programs, rides with virtual reality intecration and interactive rides.

About BEC

If we at BEC discuss the dimensions of a ride, we like to think outside the box and go beyond existing limits. Based on state-of-the-art technology, our robotic ride solutions for three and four passengerssatisfyalmostanycustomer wishes. BEC is a leader in robot innovation and the long-standing experience of our team enables us to offer the best ride experience on robots. As a producer of systems for robot-human interaction we guarantee highest quality and safety for all our products. Careful designed systems and over a decade of experience intheroboticbusinessenableusto meet delivery dates and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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